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Full - Advanced Life Support (ALS) Level 2 Recertification (Sign-up for Nurses)

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Mode of delivery: Face-to-face (with printed pre-learning materials)

Course duration: 1 day

Course dates: For available course dates, scroll to the bottom of this catalogue entry.


  • Current ALS2 provider card. Note: due to the pandemic extensions, candidates with an ALS2 card with expiry date after March 2020 are permitted to complete this refresher course.
  • Current AHPRA registration
  • Manager approval

Please contact Ami Young ( and provide evidence of your current ALS2 provider card and AHPRA registration number to confirm you are eligible for this course before purchase and enrolment. 

About this learning program:

This ALS2 recertification course is an intensive 1-day course providing the standardised approach to resuscitation in adults. It has been designed for medical and nursing from critical care areas that have completed and currently hold a current ALS2 provider certificate.

The course encourages a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the course encouraging development of team dynamics in an emergency.

The ALS2 Recertification course consists of lectures, practical workshops and cardiac arrest scenarios, providing the opportunity to practice skills and update knowledge.

The course is very intensive and candidates are sent the ALS2/ALS manual one month prior to the course. Candidates are required to complete a pre-course multiple choice question paper to guide preparation.

The ALS course teaches the knowledge and skills required for:

  • Recognition, assessment and management of the deteriorating patient using a structured ABCDE approach (aiming to prevent cardiac arrest)
  • Treating cardiac and/or respiratory arrest, including manual defibrillation
  • Management of life-threatening arrhythmias
  • Preparing and planning for post resuscitation care
  • Leading a team, working as a team member, and useing structured communication skills including giving an effective handover
  • Consideration for end of life decision making

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this learning program, the learner will be able to:

  • Revise the standardised approach to CPR used in adults
  • Update your knowledge on the resuscitation guidelines
  • Refresh your knowledge and practical skills
  • Utilise non-technical skills to facilitate strong team leadership and effective team membership
  • Describe the ALS algorithm
  • Recognise the importance of high quality chest compressions
  • Discuss the treatment of shockable and non-shockable rhythms
  • Define when to give drugs during cardiac arrest
  • Identify the treatment of potentially reversible causes of cardiac arrest
  • Discuss the roles within a resuscitation team
  • Describe the different types of ACS
  • Explain how to recognise and assess an ACS
  • List the relevant immediate treatment for each type of ACS
  • Discuss how to recognise and respond to other cardiac conditions that may cause cardiac arrest
  • Recognise when bradycardia is present 
  • Identify different degrees of heart block
  • Describe how to treat bradycardia
  • List the indications for cardiac pacing
  • Explain the methods available for cardiac pacing
  • Demonstrate how to apply non-invasive, transcutaneous electrical pacing safely and effectively 
  • Define a tachycardia by its regularity and QRS width
  • Explain the principles of treatment
  • List the indications for electrical and chemical cardioversion
  • Describe how to perform synchronised cardioversion
  • Understand the need for continued resuscitation after return of spontaneous circulation
  • Understand the post-cardiac arrest syndrome
  • Facilitate safe transfer of the patient
  • Consider the role and limitations of assessing prognosis after cardiac arrest


What will I get when I have completed this course? Upon successful completion, the learner will be issued a completion certificate from Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). Certification for the course is valid for up to 4 years.


How to enrol: After confirming your eligibility for this course, please select the appropriate session times below, then click the "add to cart" checkbox on the course icon above to select this course.  Once you have added all required courses to your cart, scroll to the top of this catalogue page to view your cart and purchase or enrol in your course(s). 

Cancellation policy:

  1. Cancellation or first deferment advised in writing or via email with no less than 14 working days prior to the scheduled course date, will not incur a financial penalty. Cancellations will be offered an alternative course date to attend, (subject to availability) or a full refund.
  2. Cancellation received within 14 to 7 working days prior to the scheduled course date, 50% of the course fee will be applied.
  3. Cancellation received less than 7 working days prior to the scheduled course date, 100% of the course fee will be applied.
  4. A refund will not be granted if a registrant fails to attend a course.
  5. Simulation Education reserves the right to cancel planned courses even at short notice. In the event of a cancellation by Simulation Education, all course fees will be refunded.


Disclaimer: by enrolling in this course, you are confirming that:

  1. You have contacted course coordinator Ami Young ( to confirm your eligibility to enrol in and complete this course. 
  2. You have approval from your line manager/delegate to enrol in this program and attend at your selected date/time. 
Emergency Training and Life Support Nursing

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Advanced Life Support (ALS) - Level 2 Recertification

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