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Full - Chemotherapy Module Two: Academic Nursing Unit (ANU) Short Course Nov 21

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Mode of delivery: Face-to-face (with online supporting materials)

Course duration: 4 days

Course location: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Parkville Campus), 305 Grattan Street, Melbourne VIC

Audience: This course is open to Registered Nurses.


Applicant must confirm that they have completed Chemotherapy Module One OR equivalent learning that includes how chemotherapy drugs work, side effects, administration and safe handling such as the following 7 eVIQ online modules:

  1.  Handling antineoplastic drugs and related waste safely
  2. Understanding how antineoplastic drugs work
  3. Reviewing protocols and prescriptions
  4. Education the patient and carer
  5. Assessing patients
  6. Administering oral antineoplastic drugs
  7. Administering antineoplastic drugs

  • Peter Mac staff members require manager approval to attend this course. 

Course dates:

This course runs over 4 (non-consecutive) days. 

November course dates:

  • 21st November - 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM 
  • 22nd November - 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM 
  • 29th November - 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM  
  • 30th November - 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM  

About this learning program:

This is an intermediate level course, scheduled over 4 days. Completion of Chemotherapy Module 1 or an approved equivalent is a pre-requisite. Previous chemotherapy administration experience will be an advantage. This course builds on the knowledge gained from Chemotherapy Nursing Module 1 (or equivalent) and will benefit those nurses working in areas where chemotherapy is a major treatment modality. Content includes review of cancer cell biology, chemotherapy and targeted therapy mode of action, common toxicities and patient management.

Learning Objectives & Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this learning program, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss the management of occupational risks associated with the administration of cytotoxic therapy
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cancer cell biology, staging systems and tumour markers
  • Identify factors impacting on chemotherapy dosing and checking processes
  • Describe the mode of action of major cytotoxic drug classifications
  • Discuss the role of clinical trials, targeted therapies and immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer
  • Discuss potential complications of chemotherapy administration
  • Explain the mechanism of action, common toxicities and administration considerations for specific cytotoxic agents
  • Identify common side effects of cytotoxic drugs and the nursing interventions required to manage these side effects
  • Use principles of patient education to inform teaching and training in the clinical setting
  • Recognise the benefits of patient referral to relevant resources and programs

At the completion of this course and with further reading, the Registered Nurse will be able to:

  • Define how chemotherapy and targeted therapies are used in cancer management
  • List the major chemotherapy drug classifications and their general mechanisms of action
  • Identify the common side effects/toxicities of cytotoxic drugs and potential complications of administration and outline their management
  • Recognize relevant support resources for patients receiving chemotherapy

What will I get when I have completed this course? 
Upon attendance of the training session, learners will obtain a Certificate of Completion as proof of training.  


How to enrol: 
Click the "add to cart" checkbox on the course icon above to select this course.  Once you have added all required courses to your cart, scroll to the top of this catalogue page to view your cart and purchase or enrol in your course(s). After you have purchased your course, access the course page via your Learning Dashboard to sign up to your desired session time. 



By enrolling in this course, you are confirming that you have completed prior pre-requisite learning that includes how chemotherapy drugs work, side effects, administration and safe handling. For example, Chemotherapy Module 1 or the 7 EviQ online modules

Peter Mac Staff - you are also confirming that: 

  1. You have approval from your line manager/delegate to enrol in this program and attend at your selected date/time. 
  2. Your line manager/delegate has approved this program as relevant to your clinical practice and will support completion of relevant clinical competency assessments.


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